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The Aging Process from Your 20’s to Senior Years

When you’re in your twenties, you tend to think you’re invincible. The thought of getting older doesn’t really cross your mind. You indulge in drinking, smoking, and lots of sunbathing, all of which can start to take a toll on your skin.

Things to focus on in your twenties:

• Have a daily skin care routine for morning and night with quality products.
• Always wear sunblock, regardless of the weather. Just because it may be cloudy, doesn’t mean that you aren’t still being harmed by UV rays.
• Limit alcohol consumption
• Quit smoking
• Consider Botox and skin resurfacing in your later 20’s – it pays to be proactive!

In your thirties and for the remainder of your life, you want to focus on the same preventative measures as you did in your twenties, but the fact of the matter is, you’ll be faced with more stress and your skin will start losing collagen and elastin. You’ll notice more fine lines and other visible signs of aging. This is the age range where Botox, dermal fillers, and laser treatments start to become a necessity.

In your forties and fifties, you will start to notice a much greater change in appearance, especially if you have not proceeded with any type of cosmetic facial procedures. Your face loses volume, your skin will sag more, you’ll have to work extra hard in the gym to tighten up parts of your body, and your eyes and temples may appear more sunken. This is the best time to consider surgical procedures, not to completely change your look, but to make you look like a better version of your existing self. More refreshed and youthful with a confident glow!

As you enter the senior years (60+), you’ll have the same issues as your forties and fifties…they’ll just be more prominent. This is when more invasive surgical techniques will be required to make an impact.
The more you know about the aging process, the better off you’ll be, both in terms of aging gracefully, as well as seeking out certain procedures that can shed years off of your face. When considering any type of surgical procedure, ensure you are visiting a surgeon who is reputable and board-certified. They know all of the procedures inside-out, so they will recommend whatever is best to achieve your desired results.

Don’t fear aging. Fear not taking care of yourself to look and feel your very best throughout your life!

Looking for a oral or cosmetic facial surgeon in Surrey, BC? Look no further than New England Oral & Cosmetic Facial Surgery! Check out our services and give us a call to book a consultation: 604-507-0514.

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How to Feel More Confident in 2019

Well, it’s safe to say that 2018 went by in a flash! And so often, we have plans for things we want to do, but time passes by and before we know it, another year has gone by.

Now is the time to think about what you want your 2019 to look like including goals you want to accomplish, places you want to visit, new things you want to try, and ways in which you want to improve yourself to have more confidence. 2019 mylar balloons

Investing in yourself is the best investment you can make. This is because when you invest in yourself, it makes you feel better about yourself. When you feel better about yourself, it positively affects all other areas of your life.

Ways you can improve yourself to have a more positive and fruitful year:

  • Write down your goals to hold yourself accountable
  • Regular physical fitness routine
  • Healthy eating
  • Quit smoking
  • Limit or restrict alcohol consumption
  • Adequate sleep (at least 7 to 8 hours per night)
  • Express yourself creatively and share your gifts with the world (art, writing)
  • Work on your personal development (books, podcasts, courses)
  • Choose to be happy and find ways to inject more happiness in your life
  • Surround yourself with positive, like-minded people
  • Set up a savings plan for the year – decide where you will cut down on unnecessary spending
  • Hire a coach to help keep you on track with where you want to be

    And in addition to all of these types of things, other ways you can boost your confidence physically include:

    • Dental implants build self confidence
    • Botox
    • Lip enhancement
    • Cheek implants
    • Chin implants
    • Non-surgical chin lift
    • Jaw profile surgery
    • Ear lobe surgery

      A fulfilled life is all encompassing. The way you look and feel on the outside has to match how you look and feel on the inside. At New England Oral & Cosmetic Facial Surgery, we would love the opportunity to speak with you with regard to how we can help you feel your absolute best in the New Year! Check out our complete list of services and give us a call us today to book a consultation: (604) 507-0514.

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Christmas is Just Around the Corner…

During the holiday season, we exchange gifts with friends and family, but what about gifting yourself as well? Now is the perfect time to make a move towards doing something special for you – just before the New Year begins!

Maybe you have been thinking about Botox, wrinkle fillers, or lip enhancement. Maybe you have been considering a cheek or chin implant…or even repairing your earlobe that has been bothering you. Did you also know there is such a thing as a non-surgical chin lift to get rid of that pesky double chin?

There is nothing like getting a boost of self-confidence to make you feel better overall. Make next year’s New Year’s resolution to stop thinking and start doing!

Are you located in Surrey?

Give us a call today at New England Oral & Cosmetic Facial Surgery: 604-507-0514 to book a consultation. We will answer any questions you have, provide you with pricing, and then you’re one step closer to the new you!

You can check out our complete list of services and procedures HERE.



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Common Questions About Dental Implants

Considering dental implants? Here are the answers to some common questions… 

How did dental implants come to be?

Dental implants came to be when a scientist discovered that bone would naturally bond to titanium.

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are titanium cylinders that are permanently placed in the jaw bone, providing support for the replaced teeth. The bone grows around the implants and bonds with them as if they were bone. The titanium part is not visible. The part that is visible is the prosthetic tooth.

What is the prosthetic teeth made of?

The prosthetic teeth are made of porcelain.

What color are the prosthetic teeth?

Prosthetic teeth are custom-made for you, so they are color-matched to your existing teeth. This is great because then you don’t have to worry about the prosthetic teeth standing out

What is the biggest benefit of dental implants?

The biggest benefit of having dental implants is that once they are in, they function and feel like regular teeth. Unlike dentures, you don’t have to remove them and they don’t shift around.

Will people be able to tell that I have dental implants?

No, people will not be able to notice that you have dental implants. The only way they would know is if you tell them.

Can I chew gum with dental implants?

Yes! You can chew gum just like with natural teeth. The gum will not stick to the implants.

Will I be in any pain during dental implant surgery?

You don’t have to worry about being in any pain during the surgical procedure of getting implants because anesthetic will be used. Your oral surgeon’s main priority is making your experience as comfortable as possible.

What can I expect right after my oral surgery for dental implants?

As with any surgery, there is recovery time and your mouth will need to heal. You can expect to feel sore and some discomfort.

Am I at risk for breakage with dental implants?

Just like with your regular teeth, you need to take precautions. If you chew ice, bite hard candies, or random objects like pens, yes, you could risk breaking them. Treat them as you would regular teeth, and you don’t have to worry.

Can dental implants stain?

Yes, dental implants can stain just like natural teeth from things like coffee and red wine. It is important to schedule regular cleanings just like you would if all of your teeth were natural.

How long will my dental implants last?

With proper care and maintenance, your dental implants will last 25+ years! They really are the best “permanent” solution.

Still have questions about oral implants? If you are located in the Surrey area, call us at New England Oral & Cosmetic Facial Surgery. We would love to book you in for a consultation as well to ease your mind of any concerns and conduct an evaluation of your needs.

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Do You Yearn for Beautiful Earlobes?

surrey earlobe surgeryOn a day to day basis, one doesn’t put much thought into their earlobes. However, it is one of the most common procedures requested to plastic surgeons, by both males and females.

There are 3 main types of earlobe surgery:

Repairing torn earlobes

  • Torn earlobes can happen over time from wearing heavy earrings, causing the lobe to stretch. Focus on buying earrings that are studs or lightweight.
  • Your clothing or hairbrush may catch your earring, causing a tear. It is easy to be unaware of your earrings because you can’t really feel them. Even if they are extra heavy, you just get used to them. The best thing you can do is get into the habit of taking them off before getting dressed or disrobing.
  • You may be holding a baby who latches onto an earring and yanks it. Babies can find themselves super intrigued by sparkly things, after all. If you are a new mother, it is a good idea to again, just stick to wearing small studs. That way you don’t even have to even think about it.

Earlobe reduction

  • Some people naturally have ear lobes that are abnormally large, which may draw attention to them and lead to feelings of insecurity.
  • Because cartilage of the ears continues to grow as people age, this can lead to larger earlobes.
  • Gravity can also be a key player in earlobes stretching and enlarging.

Surgical excision of keloids

The removal of keloids are a more complicated form of earlobe surgery. Keloids are abnormal scars that can form from any tear or break of the skin…even from something minor like an ear piercing.

That may not sound too bad…until you know that they can actually grow to grotesque dimensions and form painful deformities the size of a walnut.

The surgeon has to remove the abnormal tissue and then reconstruct the ear lobe by using and rearranging normal tissue. Cortisone medication can be injected to hinder any new abnormal scar tissue from forming.

If surgery is needed or desired, seek out the help of a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.

If you are located in Surrey, book a consultation with Dr. K. Bahi at New England Oral & Cosmetic Facial Surgery. Confidence about your appearance is priceless.

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Chemical Peels Can Do Wonders for Your Complexion

Who doesn’t want a flawless complexion, right? It keeps us looking more youthful, vibrant, and gives us a healthy glow…not to mention, makes us feel more confident.

You have likely heard the term “chemical peel” before, but they have come a long way over the years. Back in the day, people may have found them to be more painful and possibly even leaving skin quite raw. Formulas have since been refined, thanks to technology, and are now easier on your skin.

The main goal of chemical peels today is not to just create a ton of visible peeling…but moreso to infuse the skin with rich ingredients to decrease lines, improve skin tone, and build collagen.

There are also different types and levels of chemical peels. Lighter peels are more focused on removing superficial wrinkles, whereas medium and deep peels are for more serious conditions that you want to correct. Deeper peels obviously take more healing time (and would cause more peeling), but your technician can advise you as to what level would work best for what you are trying to achieve.

Benefits of Chemical peels:

  • Are great for exfoliating skin to uncover a more even and smoother texture chemical peel surrey
  • Can help minimize sun damage
  • Can help minimize pigmentation from acne scars
  • Can soften lines

Chemical peels can also be an affordable option to pricey lasers if those don’t fit your current budget. You can also get impressive results in a single treatment, vs. having to make several appointments.

Have we piqued your interest? Call us to book an appointment for a chemical peel in Surrey today! We would love to get you on the right track to your new, healthy glow!


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Does Everyone NEED to Get Their Wisdom Teeth Removed?

The question that so many people have when the conversation of wisdom teeth comes up: Does Everyone NEED to Get Their Wisdom Teeth Extracted? does everyone need to get wisdom teeth removed

Your wisdom teeth are your third molars that don’t pop up from your gumline until late in adolescence…and possibly not even into your 20’s. With evolution, people have had less of a need for these specific teeth, so our jaws have compensated for this.

These molars get a bad rap because they are known for causing problems (not to mention, an extra expense if removed).

That said, not everyone will need to get their wisdom teeth removed. If your jaw is large enough to accommodate them and you have no problems when they erupt, it would not be necessary.

How can you have reassurance that you do not need to get them removed?

Well, for starters, if you have zero symptoms indicating a sign of a problem. Secondly, if your dentist looks at your x-rays and determines that your wisdom teeth are in a good, healthy position. Just because you may not have symptoms, it doesn’t guarantee that everything is ok. Get a proper x-ray to give you peace of mind.

The bad news? Well, few and far between won’t have to have their wisdom teeth removed. The majority will, so it’s best to be prepared and accepting of the possibility.

Ask questions at your next dental visit to know where you stand in terms of your wisdom teeth, as well as the removal options available.

If you are located in Surrey, book a consultation with us at New England Cosmetic Oral & Facial Surgery for wisdom teeth removal: 604-507-0514.



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The Link Between Cosmetic Facial Surgery & Success

Are you on the fence about whether or not you should proceed with a cosmetic facial procedure, such as chin implant or cheek augmentation? Well this information may just give you that extra push you need to take the next step. success and cosmetic facial surgery

There have actually been studies done of some of the wealthiest people, and what they had in common was strong and distinct facial features. These studies have concluded, that in many cases, strong physical characteristics often match strong personalities. This is why more often than not, it’s the people who have strong personalities that are the most confident, stand out, and have the most accomplishments under their belt. confidence facial surgery

Of course you need to have other skills such as ambition, drive, be self-motivated, and have an excellent attitude (just to name a few) to work your way up the ladder, but it’s interesting to think that your face could actually give you an extra advantage. It makes sense though, because the better you feel on the inside, the better you are going to carry yourself. Plus, other people can pick up on that too when they interact with you. Confidence is key in feeling your best!

So…if you are intrigued by a certain cosmetic facial feature and you think it would make you feel better, what are you waiting for? It may just give you that extra boost towards success in your career too! Who knew?!

If you are looking for a cosmetic facial surgeon in Surrey, call us for a consultation at New England Oral & Cosmetic Facial Surgery: 604-507-0514.


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Don’t Let Fear Get in the Way of Your Oral or Maxillofacial Procedure

It’s normal to be nervous when you go to the dentist or the doctor…and especially when you need to have a surgical procedure done. The anxious feelings of the unknown are so much worse than the actual procedure though, because you don’t know exactly what to expect until you experience it. The same goes for anything new you encounter in life that takes you outside of your comfort zone.

That said, if you come to an oral & maxillofacial clinic like New England Oral & Facial Surgery, Dr. Bahi and the staff will make you feel as comfortable as possible and explain everything from beginning to end. No questions will go unanswered.

You will also be provided with in-office sedation, so you won’t feel a thing while the procedure is happening. You will literally fall asleep, and then before you know it, you will be awake again with everything done! It is then all uphill from there!

Does the thought of anaesthesia make you weary? Not to worry. Anyone who administers anaesthesia has extensive training and knows how to safely administer anesthesia. Risk factors are extremely limited, so you are in good hands when you need to have your wisdom teeth removed or when you want to get dental implants.

Learn more here about “before anaesthesia” and “after anaesthesia”.

Do you have any questions about any of our oral or cosmetic facial services? Want more details about anesthesia and how it is administered at our clinic? Feel free to call us today: 604-507-0514. We would also love to book you for a no-pressure consultation.


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Do You Need to Get Your Tooth Removed?

When a tooth is damaged, broken, or decayed, your dentist will try to fix it with a filling or other type of dental treatment. However, if it is not repairable, your dentist or dental surgeon will then proceed with removing / extracting it completely from it’s socket.  tooth removal surrey

What are some other reasons why people need to get teeth removed?

  • Baby teeth don’t always fall out in time for permanent teeth to come in
  • There may be a tooth that is blocking another one from coming in
  • People who are getting braces may need teeth extracted to make room for other teeth to move properly into place
  • People who are getting radiation treatment or taking cancer drugs may need to get weakened teeth removed
  • If teeth are infected
  • If your wisdom teeth are getting in the way (also known as third molars)

There are two kinds of tooth removal:

Simple tooth extractions – when the tooth can still be seen in your mouth, your dentist loosens the tooth and removes it.

Surgical tooth extraction – when a tooth has not erupted in the mouth or has broken off at the gums, your oral surgeon makes an incision in your gum to remove the broken tooth or impacted wisdom tooth

Key Things to Know About Caring for Yourself AFTER Tooth Removal:

  • To reduce and/or prevent swelling, place ice packs on your face, 20 minutes on…20 minutes off
  • Swish your mouth with warm salt water (24 hours after surgery)
  • Eat soft and cold foods (stock up before your procedure, as you likely won’t feel like going grocery shopping after)
  • Stay away from using straws or spitting, as this can create a dry socket (pull the blood clot from the hole where the tooth was)
  • Don’t smoke (if you do smoke, this is another great reason to quit)

Looking for tooth extraction in Surrey? Call us at New England Oral & Facial Surgery: 604-507-0514 to book a consultation.


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