The most common reason for people to avoid seeing the Dentist is fear.  Our office offers you the facility to treat your patients while under general anesthesia or deeply sedated.  This is not what is advertised as “sleep dentistry” in many advertisements. Our anesthesia facility is fully accredited and is staffed by experienced anesthesiologists and registered nurses.

Our facility will provide the following equipment

  1. dual delivery unit
  2. amalgamator
  3. curing light
  4. cavitron unit
  5. statim sterilizer
  6. lisa sterilizer
  7. mobile digital dental x-ray machine

If you have a special request for equipment, please let us know. Please remember to bring your hand pieces and disposables.

The following forms can be used to prepare your patient for surgery and can be downloaded here:

  1. Medical History form to be filled out by the patient’s physician
  2. Preoperative instructions
  3. Postoperative instructions for Anaesthesia
  4. Consent for General Anaesthesia

All patient medical histories and consent forms must be forwarded to our office prior to the treatment date.