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Have You Heard of Bone Grafting?

People get bone grafting when they don’t have enough jawbone volume needed to support dental implants. Why may some people experience loss of jawbone volume? Reasons include: Tooth removal Gum disease Some type of dental of physical injury And not only do they need to have enough jawbone … it also needs to be placed […]

Not Enough Jawbone Volume to Get Dental Implants?

As you know, there is no better solution for missing teeth than dental implants. They replace your missing roots and support the artificial teeth. This results in having the closest possible thing to real teeth. However, in order for your dental surgeon to be able to provide you with dental implants, you need to have […]

The Difference Between Seeing Your Dentist & An Oral Surgeon

So, you need to get a procedure done and some people may tell you to just go to your dentist, while others may tell you to go to an oral surgeon. Here’s the difference: The main scope of work for General Dentists includes: Oral exams Teeth cleanings Sealants Crowns Fillings Root canals Gum care Your […]